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So, on the one hand, is rising house prices, on the other hand is the house price cost has always been a mystery. It is obvious that the house price cost is not a technical problem. From the composition of housing prices, housing prices only by the land development fees (including land sales and supporting infrastructure supporting fees, land expropriation relocation compensation, etc.), construction costs, sales, expenses, taxes and profits, other fees such as several forms. In Marx’s capital formation formula, the cost of housing prices also can be divided into fixed cost and variable cost: fixed cost including land development costs, construction costs, Jimmy Choo Wedges UK take fund interest costs, etc.

Jimmy Choo Baxter Smoke Suede Wedge Ankle Boots 110mm And variable cost mainly refers to the operating cost of sales, real estate, in the course of construction, labor wages and prophase survey and design fees, management fees, etc., and the sum of the two is the cost of the building, while the housing quality, the credibility of developers and other intangible value becomes factors determining the size of the profits. , I remember in July 2005, the fuzhou price bureau announced as early as the first to the house price cost list, caused a great sensation in society. In fuzhou, according to the results from this price list about land price accounts for about 30% of the price; Take a cost accounts for about 25% of the price or so; Management cost, marketing cost and profit tax and tax costs, such as developers profit total accounted for more than 40% of the price of the house.

Among the 23 buildings cost directory, developers margins of about 50% on average, the lowest at about 20%, the highest in more than 90%. Fuzhou announced house price cost behavior caused great repercussions, rejected by the developers and many local governments, of course, if we analyze the interests of the chain and the attempts to housing information monopoly and maintain the intention of the vested interests are self-evident. In the interests of the whole real estate chain, local government and developers is a community of interests, and keep the house price cost mystique, became the complicity of the local government and developers. Released so far as to say that the key to the house price cost obstacle is not coming from the developers, in the whole house prices constitute income accounted for the proportion of government not small.

During the two sessions this year, the national federation of industry and real estate chamber of commerce by the national federation of industry and commerce, submitted a proposal to the http://www.enbeltscheapsale.ru/ conferences and two copies of written statement, according to the national federation of industry and real estate chamber of commerce in 9 cities in Jimmy Choo Wedges last year for the development of real estate enterprise cost, Jimmy Choo Wedges Shoes according to the survey in total expense, to the government’s part (that is, the land cost + total tax) accounted for 49.42%.

It is because of the existence of the giant interests of local government, announced house price cost developers don’t want to, not only the local government is no enthusiasm. Reported cost of real estate, therefore, is not due to some technical obstacles to unscrupulous scholars have said, the real resistance comes from the government, developers and even strong media as the representative of certain interest groups and the interference of experts and scholars and research institutions, if it were not for the interference, real estate costs will return to the simple and transparent.

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This year’s iron ore negotiations, because Japan in Australia, Brazil has stakes in mines, YanJian history tells us that the Australian government rejected the completely conforms to the national interests of mergers and acquisitions, must not be disillusioned, the Australian government agreed to Rio is assured. You don’t remember, in 2008, than to Rio and BHP issued a total of up to $140 billion offer, defied international opposition to the government, to merge the iron ore market competition in the way the name, approved the purchase. Just because of the financial crisis, the big drop in demand for iron ore, Rio tinto faces a debt crisis, BHP billiton, a look at the situation not take the initiative to cancel the purchase.

Needless to say, the Rio tinto Jimmy Choo Sandals abandoned a friend in need, and the occasion, BHP billiton again, the injured is Jimmy Choo Sandals, flesh aches is Jimmy Choo Clue Champagne Glitter Platform Sandals 115mm iron and steel enterprises, it makes ore negotiations in the situation much worse. Have the people in the hope of the Australian government rejected the deal, for the government, the merger of the two can be strengthened in the discourse of the international iron ore market in Australia, why not? Fantasy government veto, also totally naive to me.

The Australian government will agree to the deal not only, more is helpless, I’m afraid the anti-monopoly law in Jimmy Choo Outlet UK have also ACTS helpless. Although anti-monopoly law stipulated in article 2: monopolistic conducts in economic activities in the territory of the People’s Republic of, this law shall apply; Outside the territory of the People’s Republic of Jimmy Choo UK monopoly, eliminate or restrict influence on domestic market competition, this law shall apply.

Accordingly, Rio and BHP merger clearly has a great negative impact on Jimmy Choo UK market, that is to say, must be submitted to the Jimmy Choo Sale’s ministry of commerce for approval. such extraterritorial jurisdiction, is each national essential clause in the anti-monopoly law, and such terms and conditions, in the absence of restriction on foreign company, is just a paper tiger, merely symbolic. Last year, for example, BHP billiton Rio tinto offer, also submit to the ministry of commerce the antitrust review of the application, and also expressed explicitly opposed to Jimmy Choo Shoes’s Commerce Department, in fact does not have the execution effect. The author expects that the Rio teamed up again,

So, Jimmy Choo Shoes’s anti-monopoly law for Rio, is just a paper tiger, not only for domestic monopoly helpless, for foreign enterprises of monopoly, is beyond, in addition to private enterprises can power the huiyuan, who can deal with again. Vulnerability, so although our antitrust law, the author still hopes to make violent reaction for Rio to the ministry of commerce, if they submit an application, shall be rejected without hesitation, and after they break through trade retaliatory measures, punishing and diplomacy and union, the European Union, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and have direct interest relationship with the companies in the country, adding to pressure on the Australian government, to resist. In particular, considering the Rio has a company in the UK, the eu’s decision has realistic execution, Jimmy Choo Outlet must pr eu, demanded that the European Union rejected the deal. If allowed, shame is not only is Jimmy Choo Outlet’s antitrust no teeth.

According to media reports, the national bureau of statistics to prepare for 40 major commercial housing costs in parts of the city, the house price cost for years has been shrouded in secrecy is expected to open a small window. In fact, the house price cost is a transition phenomenon of Jimmy Choo Outlet one of the most incredible mysteries, technology is highly developed in statistics, economics, public auction of land price, tax levy publicly, under the condition of commercial housing sold publicly, to the cost of Jimmy Choo Outlet’s house prices, officer, production, study from all walks of life there is no clear.

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basic close to the bottom of the global financial crisis, the entity may continue to steep recession has been more and more small, at this time, Jimmy Choo Flats For such a mixed pattern, not only without the corresponding supervision system design, it formed the mixed pattern of management and supervision on the separation of the total breakdown, lead to hedge funds, private equity funds to complete the things outside the regulation.

The author thinks that, the entire global financial regulation of the path of institutional change, human life must be determined to say goodbye to the pain of the imaginative and treacherous mixed dream, or build a adapt to the mixed pattern of all-round supervision system. Mixed departed, I’m afraid for many financial institutions resistance is very big, should also see indeed, since 1999, the Clinton administration has issued the financial modern act, abolished since 1934 of the glass. Steger, law of separate operation mode, for the human beings is the worst of the financial tsunami. Inspect the whole human financial history, every financial disaster, all on the premise of deregulation and connivance of greed.

And nearly hundred times in human history, large and small, the financial crisis that, for financial institutions, the efficiency of the security is far greater than, pure pursuit of efficiency, means that disaster close to the step. We’ll also don’t know the specific content of America’s financial regulatory reform bill, Jimmy Choo Dwight Black Biker Leather Snow Boots, in this time is unlikely to be for the whole of the existing financial system, it is said that the original plans to merge the SEC and the commodity futures trading commission will be retained, the move means reform plan is just a mild, incremental solution. Yes, humans have the mixed the demon came out from the bottle, if you want to catch it back in the bottle, really difficult. the biggest impact of this model may provide financial regulatory reforms, including Jimmy Choo Ari Jazzberry Leather Pointy Toe Pumps, system model, and to emulate.

We have seen, in Europe and the United States and other countries at present on the disadvantages of the mixed over the solution when my country represented by ping an to buy SDB, many financial institutions remain in the circle of his own financial holding dream.

To have the insurance, trust, securities and ping an group, owns a national licence Banks can apparently complete its financial holding the final piece of the puzzle. , for even a single market regulation holes in terms of Jimmy Choo Ari Tourmaline Leather Pointy Toe Pumps 110mm financial, the layout of peace absolutely necessary regulatory response, we have been to explore the establishment of the department of the pace of financial regulators did run behind the market innovation, if still fragmented securities, banking, insurance, the lack of response, we are indeed difficult to confidently said the financial crisis has nothing to do with financial institutions.

On June 5, Rio’s board in London’s unilateral declaration of suspension with Jimmy Choo Flats UK Sale $19.5 billion deal, and will be implemented based on the two sides signed cooperation and agreement to Jimmy Choo Attila Nude Mirror Leather Pointy Toe Flat Pumps pay a $195 million break-up fee.

At the same time, the company announced a $15.2 billion through a rights issue with BHP billiton iron ore joint venture. This means that the world’s second largest and the third largest iron ore suppliers, after abandoning prepared jointly together again. If two tinto merger, three cent world situation global iron ore market will be into the cauldron oligopoly, and the three iron ore accounted for 80% of global supply, market concentration will be heightened. As a result, we focus on now is not sad tears, after Rio through joint venture jointly, huge impact for the future of Cheap Jimmy Choo Flats iron ore price. imports of iron ore 443 million tons last year, forty percent of that is from Australia.

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Even in the state 4 trillion investment mainly represented by state under the condition of state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises operating income also fell by 9.2%, and profits fell by 36%, local corporate profits fell 58.1%, Jimmy Choo Boots also from another level shows that in the case of countries invest big, state-owned enterprise ability to generate profits is very low.

Therefore, the author thinks that, to really change the curse of excess production capacity, in terms of macro level, the superstitious ideas, must give up only Jimmy Choo Aden Black Grainy Calf & Stretch Suede Knee Boots 65mm growth to return to the concept of scientific development, determined to industrial structure adjustment and transformation as a top priority, let the precious resources don’t again for the growth of pure excess flow backward areas; From the viewpoint of the micro level, must promote the reform of state-owned enterprises second revolution. Soe reform history suggests that for many years in the field of competitive, the low efficiency of state-owned enterprises can’t get the fundamental change, the reform of the consensus we must insist, therefore, must carry on the strategic reorganization of state-owned economy, rather than become bigger and stronger emphasis on any one field.

Besides must state holding areas, the central and local state-owned enterprises should choose to exit from the most competitive areas; Doesn’t have to be controlled by the state monopoly industries, must break the monopoly and allow private capital to enter; For some of the difficulties of enterprises, the state should establish state-owned enterprise restructuring fund, bear the cost of the reform of personnel placement, close these companies and no longer bear the policy-related losses.

Therefore, all levels of the identity of the sasac’s mission is to regulators to ensure state-owned property right from the relationship between national economy and people’s livelihood, the national security the important industries and key areas of focus, business of state-owned property right should be only slowly in infrastructure and public welfare activities, and from other efficient and fair competitive industries, Jimmy Choo Amore Black Kid Leather Pointy Toe Ankle Boots 85mm and cash money to provide for the supplementary pension debt, let common people have a solid future.

And don’t always emphasize strengthen state-owned enterprises, in order to start the folk capital, optimize economic micro main body. Only set up the real economic benefit primarily market main body, from the root to solve the problem of excess production capacity, to speed up complete unfinished mission state-owned enterprises reform, avoid the soe reform returned to the Nash equilibrium of the worst. Jimmy Choo Baxter Smoke Suede Wedge Ankle Boots 110mm is due to be published in 17 financial regulatory reform plan.

According to informed sources, the new financial regulatory reform plan might include some of the new content, such as the government has the right to take over the matter of non-bank institutions; Hedge funds and traded otc derivatives will be included in regulation; Government creating agencies to protect financial products, such as the relevant rights and interests of consumers. Since the subprime crisis, in fact, about the U.S. financial regulatory failure of the accused was released, the financial storm screaming the timing of Obama’s the first thing to do is let these financial institutions to survive.

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jimmy-choo-pumpsIn flash and camera, they have to use a banner covering his face, as if this can reduce a little embarrassed and helpless sorrow. United Kigdom is the world financial center, the city’s rich is famous all over the world, in the Jimmy Choo Pumps world, can be said to be the leading cities. But United Kigdom people like or that can be said to be the universal mistresses, also famous in the world, so popular in Jimmy Choo Pumps world is second to none, man mistresses is open, in United Kigdom seems to be a way of life of the people of United Kigdom, no one to blame, but, in recent years, due to this or social event was rising, according to the survey, the United Kigdom housewives suicides rising since Jimmy Choo Abel Patent-leather Pointed Pumps Black, or an average of every two or three days there will be a housewife who committed suicide.

Has led to concerns about people, this time, many United Kigdom people spontaneously pop against this or evidenced, United Kigdom man or has become a major social problem. United Kigdom why so popular mistresses, has its special reasons, the main reason has the following several aspects: first, United Kigdom too influenced by the Jimmy Choo Pumps feudal ideology, polygamy is still deeply rooted in some men Order Jimmy Choo Pumps Online Now.

We know, after the opium war, United Kigdom was occupied by the British, but the British government and the people of United Kigdom is not mandatory to accept their point of view, what they need is how to make money, don’t put the people of United Kigdom as a British, no limit to the traditional culture of United Kigdom, United Kigdom was occupied by the British, comes at a time when Louboutin Shoe’s feudal society of qing dynasty, during this period, the government is to allow polygyny, polygamy is protected by law. From then on, United Kigdom experienced the period of the republic of Louboutin Shoe, no more new Louboutin Shoe until July 1, 1997. During the more than one hundred years, the traditional culture of United Kigdom has more or less influenced by the qing dynasty, Stanley ho, the first concubine is Jimmy Choo Aimee Glitter Fabric Pumps Black on the “qing law”.

Jimmy Choo Pumps men after money generally do two things, one is land, one is to marry a little wife (concubine), in United Kigdom, due to less, and the influence of Britain’s industrial revolution, the people of United Kigdom is mainly for industrial, namely factory, rich marry a little wife become the glory of man. Secondly, through United Kigdom’s law is not against men. Though, the United Kigdom government in 1972 announced the Jimmy Choo Pumps man monogamy, but there is no law against men mistresses, though, the law does not protect mistresses, but does not limit the mistresses. Jimmy Choo Pumps For Sale‎ while United Kigdom has the regulation of monogamy, but not against, men still kept as before. In addition, the United Kigdom law respect human nature, pay attention to equality, but does not emphasize women’s rights.

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Jimmy-Choo-UKTo eat the delicious chicken, fish that swim in the river finally became my meal… The straw, Jimmy Choo Shoes low on the windy rain became my hiding place; House next to the haystack, it is the only source of our cooking. Go to my grandma’s dozens of miles away, tender feet always by repeatedly, occasionally see bicycles flew over, in the heart of my childhood full of fantasy… However, When we are born, house, cheap, and has a house in work distribution, at the same time, we also put blame on home house is small, when we graduated from university to work, only to find that buy a house is a very distant thing, if you want to buy on our income through his house is impossible, now we just understand, the dream is still a dream. When we are born, we are only children, in the eyes of others is very happy, the parents have loved Buy Jimmy Choo UK;

Grandpa and grandma loved; Have grandfather, grandmother loved, they say we are a generation of happiness, such as we grew up, married, only to find that we have at least four old man, or even to twelve old man, jimmy choo discount shoes every time go home to mediate the contradiction between the old man, looked at hem ji ji old every day, we don’t know where to start. Today, the old man is ill, we have to take them to go to a doctor, tomorrow, the old man is ill, we have to find a doctor for them, sometimes, fell ill for a few old man, we are busy feet twitch. They sometimes like a child, and we go to coax them, jimmy choo designer shoes let us cry.

When we are born, work, life is easy, the situation of unemployment is less, when we are looking for a job, only to find that the jobless are everywhere, especially hard to find a work, turned out to sweep the street, toilet carefully work, college students are impossible to do, now, rub zao, sweep the street, toilet carefully work will not find, finally found a job, work very nervous, afraid of work behind schedule, afraid of work mistakes, is in danger of off your job everyday, foxconn employees sun was forced to die for job gone wrong, let us remember all chilling; A IT company hu xinyu because often work overtime and dead tired, let’s just listen to fear. When we are born, at the time the stock has just started in Jimmy Choo Shoes, at that time, fry a fool can make money, and after we graduated from university, the belly has a lot of knowledge, and to research the stock is studied and a into the stock market is found, we are a fool, jimmy choo shoes outlet always we lose money, money into sound all have no, I haven’t.

When we were born, fall in love is about feelings, is pay attention to emotional foundation, such as we grow up, time to talk about marriage, the first question is why ask you money no, have no house and car, no money no house no car, Byebye, don’t hold up each other’s time, ah, now is no money, no love. Generation now, we can’t get married, have no money to do wedding dream, staring at the small beauty handsome into the arms of old man or a woman. When we were born, the parents all want to have two children, a lot is rather fine also want to have two children, after we get married, is fine to us it’s impossible to have two children, a part of us even don’t want to have children, because we are couldn’t afford one, one is no energy to raise, we don’t want to affect work, because the child out of work. Because of the life and work pressure, we don’t want to children in the future, jimmy choo womens shoes like we have a little tired.

Now, we have entered the era was, we would like to take control of your own destiny, but always be master, beautiful after 80, not just of the beat generation, and was down a generation!!!! Upon hearing this, the author along while have no language, I just want to say to them: don’t blame yourself, although TianBuZuoMei, on the same day it storms all of a sudden, but it didn’t bother Hong Kong original wives back water determination. After the wind and rain, more than 60 original wife took to write a monogamous in name only, or is a social problem, the government cannot ignore banner, Shouting all the way from Shop Jimmy Choo UK chater garden to the chief executive’s office.

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He’s just trying to exploit and use value, you are to go to you, you really believe that he loves you, will marry you, it can only say that you are ignorant, poor and stupid.

Fifth, Jimmy Choo Outlet suggest that you cut off contact with him immediately, otherwise, you may be he cheated into prostitution, and may even lose lives. Such a man for the money, what a shame things are likely to do that once he betray oneself, your bitter days arrived, Jimmy Choo Outlet heard many such examples. Sixth, Until the end of the party, we embrace together, until the break up, she held my body ask me: don’t you want to know my name?

Can you tell me your name? I No, the whole to mute my phone yesterday, I didn’t, did not hear, I’m sorry. Oh, what are you doing this afternoon? I want to see you, can face? Beauty invitation which have dare not face, can have your invitation is my pleasure. Less loquacious, will you come to my home in the afternoon, I’ll pick you up, no, I’ll pick you up, now could you taste my cooking at noon, where is your family?

Bad, you tell me where is your home, I go to is a taxi. No, I want to come here to meet you in person. Tell me, where is your home, ok? That I’m sorry, but also the beauty to pick me up, my marina garden residential area in the south lake road.

OK, I’ll be right there, are you ready to change. I hurriedly washing the face, in a set of clothes, just get bed quilt, at this moment, the telephone rang, she came to my village, I immediately went downstairs and found that she is a red BMW, and the wind blows, the skirt hike up, like a blooming lotus flower.

She saw me far, waved to me, I went to her car, exclamation unexpectedly has such rich beauty, I am a university graduate, work for five years, depends on the loan instalment to buy a house of 100 square meters, Jimmy Choo UK Outlet which have the money to buy such a luxury car, but in front of fang seems smaller than me, should use the BMW, the in the mind is. Fang seemed to see my mind, and said with a smile if you want to use it, I can lend me a buick car for a long time, but the premise condition that must be on call.

I said have so good, is not dreaming. Fang said with a smile as long as I do, it is not just a dream. Just stopped the car in front of a luxury villa, I don’t believe this is the house fang, I like liu guy guy into the grand view garden, there is such a beautiful house in the city, Jimmy Choo Outlet Sale and there is a big garden in front, there are many beautiful and precious flowers and plants in the garden, into the house, it was a three-story building.

Under the Jimmy Choo Outlet dance of fang, I came to the restaurant, the food is already on the table, fang told me to sit down, said the food has been set, just wait for me to have dinner. I asked her just the two of us, she told me that just the two of us.

Then, fang took a bottle of red wine from freezer, said to have a good and I drink wine at a time. My capacity for liquor is not very big, but I like to drink red wine, then, we began to drink it, because no eating in the morning, a few drinks, I was a little drunk, fang’s capacity is very big, did not stop there, I said I not line, she suggested that put the music, and then we in the music and drink up, then, fang to dance, and I took advantage of the removal, we jumped up in the music, slowly, we began to embrace each other, fang’s lips to my lips, we involuntarily paused, kissed each other and our shortness of breath, the body can’t hold yourself, fang her hot body, moaning softly, coupled with the Jimmy Choo Outlet UK of the songs, we let the body in mutual twist.

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Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes and my mother happy kua good son-in-law, but then saw his mother, his face would, was about to attack, I immediately took out ready to different colors of a pair of jade bracelets on her hands, she was pleased with me said the daughter-in-law is good, but we have a problem, my mother is not the same color bracelets, my mother-in-law said the bracelet, and angry, liu said immediately: the price is the same, but I think this color is the most worthy my mother (my mother), so I decided to give mom buy this color.

I immediately after liu: I think that green is the most worthy my mom (refers to liu mother), so I decided to give my mother to buy this color. So our mother laughed, such ability to quell the storm, but prices are similar.

Can our grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma stood, remained silent, I’ll have the both sides of the grandpa, grandma, grandpa, , but with my grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma said that regardless of a couple now, all equal, now, it may not be able to, you noisy over, we sit there, Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes UK looking at their noise doesn’t know what to do, a meal with a dinner.

When lodging at night, because only four rooms, including both of us a total of 14 people, so there are six people to live in the hotel, about who hotel home again noisy up, but my mom and I can’t live together with partners, said to live together without being married what a scandal, in fact we live together for a few years, so not married just because they have no house, I have heard in distress situation.

Finally, my lover and father to discuss on both sides, the two sides of grandpa, grandma, grandpa and grandma live in the home, both parents live hotel, we sleep sitting room, to quell the noise. The next day, I get married to discuss with liu about how to strive for consistent results, liu also have no good idea, at this time, my mom and grandma and grandma mysterious run to come over to ask my house property card is my name, I don’t know what to say, said: the name of the property which is not the same? miss and told me to do to make a lot of money.

Jimmy Choo Shoes, I don’t know if I should leave him, but in my heart, I cannot leave him, because I love him so much. But I don’t want to miss, I don’t know how to do, can you tell me? His reply: peach, hello!

Jimmy Choo Shoes see this letter, can’t say how the taste, I can’t believe a woman to do miss yourself to life of man, unexpectedly can say love you, this is probably the world’s most false of lies, and you still love him, and said can’t leave him, I don’t know you are too simple or stupid, such a man is worth you to love, he have what qualification is worth you to love? First of all, Fourth, so the man also said that would marry you, it’s just a big joke.

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Jimmy Choo bring the beautiful man suddenly took off my clothes, beautiful also took off my clothes, standing in front of us, we cried frightened, Alice tells us: in order to make more money, you must put men serve well, anyway, we eventually have to serve man, early serve late serve is one thing, serve well, man will give money, between men and women, is it all wrong.

By this time I just understand that wash bath center is the place that do that, I want to quit, but found the door wouldn’t open, Alice said, now that came in, we can’t go out, let’s take a look at her demonstrations, and carefully read them, a week all want to learn, Jimmy Choo Sale and then to work.

We look at them with the feelings of curiosity and shy demonstration, look we willies… The next is to ourselves, to learn, and one a man, I found that I escape is impossible, because I saw other sister didn’t go out, they also said to me, as long as more money, anyway, the thing is, they see more open. In this way, we’re in the bath center to work.

Because of my figure is good, face, especially my chest is very big, slowly I became capable here, in the process of reception of men, I realized how slowly through a man’s heart, and my kind moans so that man, and I try my best to make guests happy, let them willing to give up on me the money, after one o ‘clock, I can always get good tips, because some customers satisfied with my service, even thousands of yuan to tip, and these customers to consume me, always sometimes later many sisters ask me, how do I make a man not to be able to because I am always busy every day, many men often are lined up waiting for me, I also so many times higher than their income, a year come down, my bank card has more than 30, ten thousand yuan.

But I never told my parents I do miss, if let them know, my parents will be angry, so, each time to go home, I was so pure, don’t go out, last year, Jimmy Choo Sale New Year back home, I met my high school classmate tao, he just graduated from university, in the county a unit of work. Tao is one of my high school like object, due to his achievement very good, I can only hide the love in my heart, let I can think of is, however, he also like me, but he thinks I’m too nice, afraid I don’t look on him, to go to college, he came to my home, for I go to work, there has been no find me, didn’t think of work after unexpectedly met me in the street, we had a long chat in a teahouse, he spoke to me the truth, he said love me, my heart was trembling, because I have been in love him, but because I was a young lady, I’m afraid he know my past, will leave me, so I told him, let me think about it Jimmy Choo.

Back home, I consider for a long time, I think I can’t go to shenzhen, because I now already has more than 200 ten thousand yuan, I can in the county set a facade, do a serious business, and then enjoy I deserve love. Call me at this moment, the tao, he told me he miss me, I bury in the heart of love for a long time by his call to wake up, I want to bet on this, after all, find a I love and men who have a job is not easy, and besides, he is one of the most honest in my classmate, only know to read at the time, never play with other students, isn’t that I need most?

The society like this man almost became extinct, because I read countless men, know what men are. So, I immediately promised on the phone and he contact, he is very happy, kissed me on the phone, for I try reading countless men, have the feeling of the heart.

Next, we fell in love, I pretended to be very pure, before he was a bird in accordance with the person’s feeling, I also told him that I don’t have money, only to find the relatives and friends to borrow money, Jimmy Choo Sale want to plate a facade, do business, I am a spoiled said I don’t want to live on men. Tao were moved by my words, o said in his life I am his happiness! Heard these words, my tears flow out, I promised myself, no matter the wind and rain, after all want to brave to go, can’t do something sorry ah tao. In the tao’s help, he is also a part of the money (because I told him that I work did not earn much money), we offer a facade, I began to do serious business.

I often go to replenish onr’s stock, don’t bother, tao, because I don’t want to disturb his work, would like to make some achievements, in front of the tao to let him have more face in front of the family, colleagues, my heart was calm. Because of my enthusiasm, my business has been very good, two months after the Jimmy Choo Sale New Year, I earned forty thousand yuan, I hold out tears ever-flowing, this is innocent, hug me, tao and happily say: business is so good, I also do not need to work. Of course he didn’t know why I cry.

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Three of Jimmy Choo Sale most traditional festival, dragon boat, Mid-Autumn festival, Jimmy Choo Shoes New Year (Spring Festival) are mainly children to see their parents, and reflect the essence is the family reunion, especially in Jimmy Choo Sale’s largest and most major holiday, but also reflected this, to the day reunion, children don’t choose thousands of miles, no matter how dangerous the journey, all want to go back to their parents, to bless their own parents.

And the Spring Festival is a long holiday, the first son is to worship them, parents teenager are come to worship my daughter, parents are the traditional Jimmy Choo Shoes New Year the first and second day is father’s day and mother’s day of the Jimmy Choo Shoes people.

Now, the Jimmy Choo Shoes people also began to popular mother’s day and father’s day, the root cause is one of Jimmy Choo Sale family members in order to work and life, has broken the traditional habit of together, has spread to all over the country and even around the world, today I was not happy, no matter what I don’t know whether my husband tao can forgive me, but I am met ah tao is determined after a lifetime of husband in a good life. I really regret to let my classmates once beautiful attend my wedding, because she is drunk in front my husband spoke once I do miss.

The offence was about five years ago, at that time, I have just graduated from high school, just got a three, three is, in fact, the rich children read university, for I am born from the countryside, home not burden my so high tuition fees, besides, the three are run by the local university, after graduation diploma only, after my father listen to others introduction, want me to give up studying, one is read the university also useless, still want to go out to work; Second, the home is unaffordable. Looking at home is none; Watching their parents more than 40 years, and he stooped back, and has white hair, with my tears, o and classmates together, follow work force south, came to work in dongguan.

Working life, however, let me the only 18 years old girl, really is unaffordable, work for at least 12 hours a day, meet orders many, sometimes reach 16 hours work, even 18 hours, and wages total only 2000 yuan, down in January, have no a few extra money. Beautiful can’t stand such work pressure, told me she wanted to quit, because she had a sisters told her leisure places outside of work, easy, and high income.

At that time I don’t know stem what of, leisure place is only know 2 months later, she came to the front of me, wow, that is both beautiful and fashionable, and wear envy letting a person, she called on us to the hotel to eat a meal outside, it was my first time to eat at a hotel to see her that the consumption of natural and unrestrained, one is 2000 yuan, the eyes do not twinkle, I asked her if she was developed. Alice told us that if you want to go with her dry, ensure monthly income in ten thousand yuan of above, can even reach 20000 yuan.

The first time I heard there will be such a high salary job, looked at her and said very very happy, we all got a crush, she said, a few people during this month’s salary just settle, quit immediately go to the factory workers, with beautiful went to shenzhen. To shenzhen just understand, originally the beautiful work in a large bath center, I began to also don’t know stem what of, bath center is in the mind still think: is it with a bath? Impossible, bathing the city even someone? Besides, how to take a bath with?

My heart is confused, a director of front of the young lady came to our sample, Alice told us that this is our director, director welcomed us, and led us to a room and told us that wash bath center system, and give us a lecture to xiaoli, if do well service.

Then, bring a beautiful man, told us to practise divination, told us to take a bath is divided into several, guests choose washing method is different, also have different prices, there are powder push oil, and wave push oil, a full set of push oil, imperial complete set, and so on, at this time, beautiful led us to a room, there is a bathtub, two beds, one is surrounded by water, is a hotel with bed, bed and a red balloon, and a bed can activity of leather sofa, a leisure chair.